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About Us

T38faxservices by babyTEL solves the problem of sending a real-time fax over IP (FoIP) by providing T.38 SIP trunks that connect to fax servers, fax machines, and office MFDs (multi-function devices).

Since 1991 babyTEL has developed telephony solutions for residential and business users with home phone service, mobile service, softphones for desktops, SIP trunking for voice, cloud PBX services.

As the first FoIP service provider to offer T.38 encryption, T38faxservices by babyTEL has the experience to meet strict privacy requirements of HIPAA and SOX legislation.

Long History of Real-Time Faxing

babyTEL has a long history with real-time faxing going back to X.38, the pre-cursor to T.38, that was used to save international companies the costly expense of long distance faxing charges.

In 1996, many people believed that the humble fax was nearing the end of its useful life. It was believed that email would replace faxing.

babyTEL, then known as VDS (Voice and Data Systems Inc.), had a different prediction and decided to offer the world a product called FaxPAD (Fax Packet Assemble and Dissasembly), the first real-time fax over data network platform.

Sending faxes over a data network was the key differentiator, the most attractive feature to companies that, at that time, were paying large sums for international long distance access over the PSTN.

FaxPAD became the first FoIP platform, and cost saving alternative, that companies could use to reliably send their fax traffic over the public IP network.

Over time VDS transitioned to T38faxservices by babyTEL with a Technology as a Service (TaaS) philosophy that continues to build upon FaxPAD expertise to deliver T.38 SIP trunks for faxing, fax ATAs, and electronic fax services.

Experience, Knowledge, Partnerships

You can rely on the wealth of knowledge and experience of T38faxservices to send faxes just as reliably as standard PSTN lines.

T38faxservices has successfully met the demands of well known clients such as Global One, Xpedite, Comtext, France Telecom, AT&T and Nynex U.K.

The list of corporate clients includes Ericsson, Foxboro, Picker Electronics, Future Electronics, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley.

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of virtualized fax communication.

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