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Advantages of Fax over IP

If you’re considering switching to a Fax over IP service you’ve likely heard about the cost savings and convenience associated with virtualizing your fax communications.

Those points are certainly true and there’s another major advantage to Fax over IP – future proof.

Major telecommunications companies (Verizon, AT&T) have publicly announced that in the near future copper phone lines will be a thing of the past.

Why delay and scramble to switch from a traditional PSTN line to an IP-based method of faxing?

Advantages of Fax over IP:

  • Future-proof technology that, because it’s software-based, benefits from continual updates and upgrades. Don’t be stuck with outdated technology when copper lines are retired from service.
  • Fax over IP sends fax images over the internet allowing you to avoid long distance charges.
  • Digital faxes offer you features unavailable with traditional faxing like fax-to-email, encryption for sensitive documents, and the ability to combine all of your communication into one easily managed IP network