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Advantages of T.38

T.38 SIP Trunk faxing saves you money over traditional PSTN faxing just like other Fax over IP (FoIP) methods.

But there’s more than just cost savings (even though that’s always a customer favorite).

The T.38 protocol converts the standardized protocol for sending faxes over the internet and adds two key advantages:

  • Real-time capability
  • Encryption

Real-Time Faxing

The real-time faxing component of T.38 makes T.38 feel like the fax experience that you’re used to.

T.38 allows for a real-time connection between the sender and receiver. There are no delays or intermediary servers like there are with HTTPS faxes that rely on “store-and-forward” technology which is exactly what it sounds like. With HTTPS your fax gets stored on an HTTPS server before being forwarded on to its destination.

The real-time connection gives you a play-by-play, page-by-page confirmation so that just in case the transmission gets interrupted, you know exactly which pages went through and which ones didn’t. Imagine faxing a 20 page document that gets stopped at page 15 – with T.38 real-time faxing you won’t have to restart from the beginning, instead you just pick up where you left off.

The direct connection between the sending device and receiving device means that there are no false or inaccurate confirmations, the fax content can’t be altered in mid-transmission, and the sender and receiver can agree on the delivery time.

Secure Faxing with Encryption

T.38 SIP trunk faxing from T.38 fax services by babyTEL comes with state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption.

In other words, the encryption is so good that the government trusts it and it’s approved by HIPAA and SOX for sanding sensistive documents.

Your privacy is ensured with he highest level of security against your information being intercepted.