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Benefits of Fax over IP

No matter which fax product suits you best, the benefits T.38 Fax Services by babyTEL fall into our Three C’s:

  1. Cost
  2. Consolidation
  3. Convenience


The bloated cost of traditional faxing over the PSTN is a burden that you don’t have to incur with T.38 Fax Services.

T.38 Fax Services provides a number of options including T.38 SIP trunks, T.38 fax adapters (ATA), and electronic faxing via email or web portal.

We’ve seen savings of up to 40% on fax costs with T.38 SIP trunking.


Why spend more and use more resources than you need?

Consolidate your dedicated PSTN phone line into your data network, consolidate DID fax numbers, cut out the middle man by eliminating add-on HTTPS fax servers with a secure T.38 direct connection, or remove standalone fax machines altogether with electronic faxing that requires no phone lines or machine maintenance.


Store-and-forward faxing is a thing of the past. A T.38 direct connection delivers real-time faxing with page-by-page confirmation. If a fax transmission gets interrupted, you’ll save time by knowing exactly where you left off.

Business continuity features provide failover support in the event of service disruption that keeps your business fax line up and running.

Electronic faxing allows you to go completely paperless.

Even More Benefits of T.38 Fax Services by babyTEL

  • Real-Time: Standards based solution connects in real-time with no store-and-forward delay and includes page-by-page confirmation.
  • Same Quality as PSTN: Our T.38 FoIP network is optimized for quality and reliability that rivals telco grade PSTN faxing.
  • Fax Backup Support: Business continuity is no longer expensive or geographically limited – custom network architecture design options provide backup faxing in the event of failure.
  • Encrypted Data: AES-256 encryption that’s so strong that it exceeds HIPAA and SOX compliance regulations. Anything that you fax is completely secure.
  • Compatibility: T.38 has seamless connectivity with fax servers and MFDs that connects them to the internet, lets you keep using your existing equipment, and allows you to get rid off your legacy, analog phone line.

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