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Benefits of T.38

There are many benefits to sending and receiving faxes with T.38 SIP Trunks.

There are many benefits to sending a Fax over IP (FoIP) versus sending over a traditional PSTN phone line.

  • Page-by-Page Confirmation: Standards based solution connects in real-time with no store-and-forward delay and includes page-by-page confirmation.
  • Real-Time:  Real-time faxing vs store-and-forward methods that delay confirmation – T.38 faxing feels just like a traditional phone line fax session
  • Same Quality as PSTN: Our FoIP network is optimized for quality and reliability that rivals telco grade PSTN faxing.
  • Fax Backup Support: Business continuity is no longer expensive or geographically limited. Cost effective backup fax machine capabilities with our Business Continuity service that acts as redundant, failover support if your main service is interrupted
  • Encrypted Data: Encryption isn’t even possible with PSTN. Our AES-256 encryption is so good that it’s HIPAA and SOX compliant. Anything that you fax is completely secure.
  • Compatibility:  T.38 is standards based and compatible with most of your existing equipment including fax machines, MFDs, MFPs, and fax servers which lets you keep using your existing equipment, and allows you to get rid off your copper phone line.
  • Pay for Only What You Use: No long distance charges, no dedicated line just for faxing. We’ve seen customer with savings up to 40% of their previous fax costs by switching to a simplified T.38 system
  • Consolidation: FoIP can be added to your IP network by using your existing internet connection
  • Paperless: With FoIP it’s possible to go paperless and have faxes converted to PDFs that can be delivered to your email inbox.
  • Virtualization:  With T.38 you can truly virtualize your business by combining all of your communications (voice, data, and fax) into one IP network using your internet connection