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Why T38faxservices is a leader in fax for enterprises

  • Page-by-Page Confirmation – Standards based faxing solutions connect in real-time and include page-by-page confirmation for proper documentation.
  • Real-Time Transmission –  Fax services provide real-time faxing instead of store-and-forward methods that delay confirmation. T.38 faxing feels just like a traditional phone line fax session.
  • Fax Backup Support – Cost effective backup fax machine services act as redundant, failover support if your main service is interrupted, ensuring no fax downtime.
  • Compatibility –  T.38 is standards based and compatible with most of your existing equipment including fax machines, MFDs, MFPs, and fax servers which allow you to continue using your existing equipment, while getting rid of your expensive copper phone lines.  
  • Pay for Only What You Use – No long distance charges, no dedicated line just for faxing. We have customers saving up to 50% of their previous fax costs by switching to a simple, reliable T38faxservices offering.

Fax services compatible with all major fax machines, fax servers and multi-function devices (MFDs)!

Scalable, Secure Fax over IP Services

Eliminate the complexity and inefficiencies associated with traditional enterprise faxing. With T38faxservices by babyTEL, even the largest companies can eliminate the hassles and expenses involved with maintaining and paying for clunky legacy fax hardware.

Scalable Fax Delivery

Fax transmissions are sent over redundant networks specifically conditioned for sending and receiving faxes, resulting in consistent, flawless, delivery every time without queuing.

Reduced Fax Costs

Save up to 50% on your current faxing costs when you send and receive faxes over the internet, while eliminating the need to manage a separate network for fax transmissions.

Military Grade Security

Patented military grade encryption keeps you compliant with SOX, GLBA and HIPAA privacy regulations by preventing unwanted parties from intercepting sensitive fax transmissions.

T38Fax Services: A Fax Service for Every Enterprise Application


T38 SIP Trunks

Complete Virtualization of your Fax Server with T38 SIP Trunks that provide a direct communication connection via the Internet. Get rid of your analog lines, gateways and fax boards.


Fax Line

A per minute or unlimited Fax over IP service for fax machines and multi-function device(MFD). A fax-never-busy Fax Line allows for simultaneous multiple incoming and outgoing fax.


Desktop Fax

An Email-to-Fax : Fax-to-Email service for offices that want to send and receive faxes from any device connected to the internet and used for email.


Hosted Fax

A fully managed Fax over IP service for environments that do not have or do not want to have faxing equipment on site. Full integration with on premise processes that generate faxes.