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Why T38faxservices is a leader in fax for the finance industry

  • T38Fax – Real-time – confirmed delivery with page by page confirmation is a legal document just like hand delivery.
  • The core services do not require even momentary storage of fax – therefore we take advantage of the conduit exception and are considered a carrier.
  • Security through our patented fax encryption.
  • Servers can be at multiple locations backing each other assuring business continuity.

SOX and GLBA Security and Privacy Rules


  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is administered by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 
  • SOX legislation is designed to improve corporate accountability and protect shareholders of publicly traded companies and the general public from errors and fraudulent practices. 
  • SOX affects the way that a corporation’s IT department stores electronic financial records, specifying that they must be stored for not less than five years.


  • The Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA) requires companies to provide consumers with their information-sharing practices and to safeguard sensitive data.
  • GLBA applies to financial institutions that offer financial products or services like loans, insurance, and financial or investment advice.
  • GLBA compliance requires financial institutions to select service providers that can maintain appropriate safeguards, know where customer information is stored and store it securely, and to take steps to ensure secure transmission of customer data.

How T38 Fax Services Help Financial Institutions with SOX Compliance

  • babyTEL’s patented fax encryption ensures that your financial documents are safe and can’t be hacked.
  • Real-time transmission method connects your fax directly to your recipient’s fax machine and avoids the issues with store-and-forward methods that delay your document and store your information on an external server.
  • Delivery confirmation provides a record that your documents have reached their intended destination.
  • IP-based T38 fax services provide centralized access to a web portal that lets you view archived fax history.

How T38 Fax Services Safeguard Sensitive Data under GLBA

  • babyTEL provides patented encrypted fax transmissions and is continually upgrading software and protocols.
  • With T38 real-time fax transmissions, your customer’s sensitive information is never stored on an external server.
  • Ensuring the secure transmission of customer information is accomplished with encrypted fax transmission and delivery confirmation.
  • IP-based T38 faxing allows you to designating only specific employees to coordinate GLBA safeguards by limiting online access to faxes and fax history.

T38Fax Services: SOX and GLBA Compliant for Financial Information


T38 SIP Trunks

You can completely virtualization of your Fax Server with T38 SIP Trunks that provide a direct communication connection via the Internet. Get rid of your analog lines, gateways and fax boards.


Fax Line

A per minute or unlimited Fax over IP service for fax machines and multi-function device(MFD). A fax-never-busy Fax Line allows for simultaneous multiple incoming and outgoing fax.


Desktop Fax

An Email-to-Fax : Fax-to-Email service for offices that want to send and receive faxes from any device connected to the internet and used for email.


Hosted Fax

A fully managed Fax over IP service for environments that do not have or do not want to have faxing equipment on site. Full integration with on premise processes that generate faxes.

SOX and GLBA Fax Facts:

  • SOX and GLBA compliance requires companies to send and receive financial information via secure, encrypted methods. With T38faxservices by babyTEL you will meet SOX and GLBA compliance thanks to patented, military grade AES encryption.
  • SOX and GLBA compliance requires companies to store and maintain copies of financial information on a central server. T38faxservices by babyTEL provides fax solutions that offer centralized servers for storage to ensure SOX and GLBA compliance.
  • SOX and GLBA compliance requires companies to provide a complete audit trail for all associated financial information that is sent and received via fax.. T38faxservices by babyTEL ensures you are SOX and GLBA compliant with full fax detail records.