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Why T38faxservices is a leader in fax for the health industry

  • T38Fax – Real-time – confirmed delivery with page by page confirmation is a legal document just like hand delivery.
  • The core services do not require even momentary storage of fax – therefore we take advantage of the conduit exception and are considered a carrier.
  • Security through our patented fax encryption.
  • Servers can be at multiple locations backing each other assuring business continuity.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule is the national standard for protecting patients medical records personal health information.
  • HIPAA ensures the security of protected health information (PHI) when it is transferred via any medium in any format.
  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule does not prohibit a “covered entity” from faxing PHI. However, healthcare providers are required to take appropriate security measures.

Business Associate Status NOT Required

T38 SIP Trunks and T38 Fax Line services have a “HIPAA Conduit Exemption” and thefore do not require a Business Associate status.

T38 Fax and Fax Line do not require a Business Associate relationship as they are ‘real-time’ services with no data storage. The HIPAA conduit exemption describes this:

“The conduit exception excludes only those entities providing mere courier services, and their electronic equivalents, such as mere data transmission services. A conduit transports information but does not access it.”

Business Associate Status Required

Hosted Fax, Never-Busy Fax Line, and Desktop Fax services require a Business Associate Status

A BA status is required for these services because PHI is stored on our hosting site requiring even temporarily the possibility of, ‘the disclosure of individually identifiable health information’

In reality the information is never viewed in day to day operation and is only accessible randomly.

T38Fax Services: HIPAA Compliant Faxing Prescribed


T38 SIP Trunks

You can completely virtualization of your Fax Server with T38 SIP Trunks that provide a direct communication connection via the Internet. Get rid of your analog lines, gateways and fax boards.


Fax Line

A per minute or unlimited Fax over IP service for fax machines and multi-function device(MFD). A fax-never-busy Fax Line allows for simultaneous multiple incoming and outgoing fax.


Desktop Fax

An Email-to-Fax : Fax-to-Email service for offices that want to send and receive faxes from any device connected to the internet and used for email.


Hosted Fax

A fully managed Fax over IP service for environments that do not have or do not want to have faxing equipment on site. Full integration with on premise processes that generate faxes.

HIPAA Fax Facts:

  • HIPAA allows doctors and hospitals to fax a patient’s medical information.
  • HIPAA requires that doctors have appropriate security safeguards in place when faxing.
  • HIPAA Privacy Rules do not prohibit a “covered entity” from faxing protected health information to doctors.
  • Faxes sent over our T.38 SIP Trunks use patented real-time AES-256 encryption that is HIPAA approved.