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How Does T.38 Work

T38No-Middleman how it works

T.38 is the protocol that’s needed to send fax data over an IP network. Faxes cannot be sent over the internet the same way that a phone call (VoIP) can.

The problems associated with sending a fax over IP (FoIP) can be corrected with VoIP gateways and Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) that support the T.38 fax protocol.

Here’s the process of what happens when you send a fax using T.38:

  • Scanned: The fax is scanned using a standard analog fax machine
  • Converted: The fax gets converted to an image
  • Relayed: The fax gets relayed over the Gateway,
  • Received: The fax is then converted back to an analog fax signal and printed out on the receiving machine.

T.38 is compatible with many leading fax servers so if your business already uses one, you may be able to use T.38 FoIP with your existing equipment.

For businesses that want to add fax to their VoIP phone system, the T.38 fax protocol needs to be configured with your VoIP service. After that you’ll be sending and receiving faxes with the same reliability as a traditional phone line.

T.38 combines the benefits of digital telephony with the image transmission qualities that an analog fax machine offers.