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What is T.38?

T.38 | tee·dot·thirty·eight

Protocol: the ITU standard for real-time fax over an IP network. Early difficulties with T.38 spawned non-compliant ‘work-around’ solutions. HTTPS was one such solution: “T.38 is today’s only solution for real-time Fax over IP.”

T.38 is the protocol that implements real-time fax transmission and is used when the network connection carries digital signals as in Fax over IP (FoIP) calls.

Real-Time Connection

One of the major benefits of T.38 faxing is its direct connection capability.

When the direct connection is secure, there can be no false confirmation that the fax was sent and the party at the other end can’t say they didn’t receive it at the specified date and time.

There are two main benefits of real-time faxing:

  1. Page-by-Page Confirmation: You get a confirmation that each individual page has been successfully faxed. If the transmission gets interrupted, you don’t have to start from the beginning like you would with a traditional fax setup. Simply pick up where you left off or, got cut off. Additionally this means that your recipient won’t be able to say that they didn’t receive certain pages – you’ll have the confirmation.
  2. No Middle Man: A real-time direct connection is secure with no extra HTTPS server layers and no middle man that can alter the fax content while it’s in transit. With a real-time connection both the fax sender and receiver can guarantee the delivery time.

Secure Faxing with Encryption

Using SIP trunks to fax is just as secure as using regular PSTN lines and can be made even more secure by use of encryption, which is not available with regular lines.

We are the first service provider in the world to offer military grade, patented AES-256 encryption.

Faxes sent over T.38 SIP trunks are not stored, making them HIPAA and SOX compliant. This eliminates the possibility of an intruder altering or compromising the privacy of the content.

In fact, our AES encryption exceeds federal regulations for HIPAA and SOX for secure fax communications.

Everything You Need for Fax

T.38 is a complete solution for all of your faxing needs including:

  • Standards Based
  • Telco Grade Network
  • Business Continuity for Failover Support
  • Secure Faxing with Encryption
  • Seamless Connection with Fax Servers and Multi-Function Devices